Since its origins, our company has distinguished itself with a focus on innovation, research, and the development of new technologies and products.

The experience of the partners, mainly related to the defense sector, has also been transferred over the years to the civilian sector, maintaining development methodologies that involve different technologies such as electronics, mechanics, acoustics, and underwater.

Over the years, Tecnav Systems has worked both independently and in partnership on various research and development projects related to:

Underwater modems
Underwater vehicles
Electric propulsion
Work boats

The SENSORNAUTA system concerns a drone that performs measurements with various types of sensors and is capable of recharging batteries autonomously and automatically.

SENSORNAUTA was developed through a temporary association of purpose consisting of the following organizations:

Sky box engineering
Fly By
University of Pisa

TECNAV Systems’ contribution to SENSORNAUTA is the subsystem for battery charging, which includes autonomy management and provides data for mission planning.

SENSORNAUTA has received funding from the Tuscany Region, which finances part of the design and prototyping costs