Advanced Underwater Systems

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The Company
Profundum Audiamus

Over 70% of the Earth’s surface is covered by water, comprising oceans, seas and their abysses. Despite this, the underwater world represents a challenging environment for humans, their senses, their technology and comprehension.

We perceive everything around us through our senses, especially sight and hearing, which have a different power and interpretation underwater.

These principles are at the basis of Tecnav Systems capabilities and foundations, which pour technique, passion and a ever-evolving know-how into underwater enviroment.

So the SEXTANT, our symbol, represents the instinct for exploring the unknown, far from lighthouses, even in the darkness of the nights, and the need to rely on senses, logics and tools that went beyond the common use.

Our skills have been made available in numerous operational and research contexts. We are part of the PNS (Italian Navy “Polo Nazionale della Dimensione Subacquea”), we regularly participate in REPMUS operations, and our products are internationally sought after by companies and Navies worldwide.