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Upcoming Sonar course

We’re proud to announce that a new course is available.


The aim of the course is to describe and explain the principles of Underwater Acoustics in order to allow preliminary Sonar design.

Sonar Equation & Signal Detection.
Sonar concepts and units. The passive and active sonar equations. Signal detection, probability of detection and probability of false alarm. ROC curves and detection threshold.
Propagation of Sound in the Sea.
Oceanographic basis of propagation, convergence zones, surface ducts, sound channels, surface and bottom losses.
Target Strength and Reverberation.
Scattering phenomena and submarine (target) strength. Bottom, surface, and volume reverberation mechanisms. Methods for modeling reverberations.
Ambient and Self Noise.
Ambient and self-noise levels have a big impact on sonar performance in terms of range. This section also includes the impact due to the presence of artificial noise generators (countermeasures).
Arrays and Beamforming.
Directivity and array gain; sidelobe control, array patterns and beamforming for passive bottom, hull mounted, and sonobuoy sensors.
Elements of ASW Analysis.
Utility and objectives of ASW analysis, basic formulation of passive and active sonar performance predictions, sonar platforms.

A final section of Exercises mainly aimed to compute detection (and counter-detection) distances in the ASW scenarios (active sonar, passive sonar, torpedo sonar, etc.) will complete the course.


  • The course duration is two weeks (5 working days each week).
  • The maximum number of participants is in the order of 10 with specific technical knowledge in the field (dB, filters, frequency spectrum, etc.).
  • The course documentation will be provided in English language.

If you are interested in attending the course or you need more infos, feel free to contact us at info